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Love Will Find a Way

by Grace Holmes

Released 2013
Grace Holmes
Released 2013
Grace Holmes
Soulful Acoustic Pop Rock
"First, let me say your production quality on your CD is amazing. Well done. That is the first mistake most independent artists make when they record their music and performances. Next . . . tracks one, two, five, six, ten, and twelve are your strongest melodies, lyrics and performances. Track Twelve “Sweetness” is your “out of the ballpark” hit. I can’t get enough of it and when you hit that high note, you melt my heart. I love your vocal sweetness as well and your delicious smoky singing style."

"The introduction of this melodiously wild arrangment is infectious and powerfully rythmic! The heavy groove is intoxicating and commanding. The radiant ensemble performance is funky and creates an engaging experiance. Soaring guitar lines are melodious and lead the transition from verse to hook creatively in a colorful fashion. Each instrumental passage is well executed and dynamic with character and flavor. The dance able compition is arranged in an energetic and electrifying manner! The blairing vocal content is agressively romantic and challenging in a sensual aspect! The robust momentum of the lyrical drive is intense and tunefully melodic. Her content is puntual and witty. The brave and fierce atttude of the vocalist enhances the orchestrationas performance. The groove of the ensemble is inviting and colorful. the spirited drive of the arrangment is shapely, but more depth in musicianship is needed in the composition. An imaginative bridge with whaling guitar and ambiant vocal structures should illustrate the singers range. Her raspy edgy voice is pleasant and phrases the content creatively. The composition is massively appealing and is a commercially viable arrangement for a host of markets. Production and engineering skills were of high quality on this arrangement and captured the ensemble and vocalist well."-ReverbNation Review of It's All Over

"This song made me feel good. It has a feel good vibe packed with tight instrumentals and great guitar chords. The chorus is great because the vocals are husky and raspy giving it a punk rock girl power vibe, the backup vocals are just that, they help add flavor to the track. The introduction was brief but introduced the main melody that would repeat throughout the song. The guitar solo was catchy and then the bass solo was great with the vocals building up a climax to really make you want to move. The structure of the song was extremely creative and I would pay to go see this band. The whole song was composed in a balanced manner and I find it strong, exuberant, fierce, powerful and lively."-ReverbNation Review of It's All Over

“The instrumentals at the beginning really set the tone and emotion for the rest of the song. It has a definite emotion, and
when the singer starts, there is no surprise or harshness when she starts. She keeps the emotion of the song constant in her
voice, and her tone really matches. The ramp up before the chorus is really fluid and doesn't feel forced. The singer hits her
higher notes well and doesn't crack. This song sounds like it would be in a soundtrack and I think would do well
commercially.”- ReverbNation Review of Sweetness