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I used to sing Amazing Grace to my daughter when she was in her crib that's why I was excited when you told me your name then you demanded me to try to beatbox so you could spit in our ears twas epic, seriously the most fun ive had for a long time your freestyle was erotic uh. I listened to summertime roses when i got home. You did ask me for my number so here it is (360) 773-7521. Text me so we can collaborate.
Hi! Grace! I love your music. I listened them in my friend's car. I wanna download your music into my MP3. Where I can get them? I love your voice. What a pretty sound in this world!!!
very cool honey i sing,lead or harmony,write lyrics but no chord progressions, play drums, sweet solid pocket & i can groove all day, but i got no chops. did many bars, clubs,fairs, festivals, and worked casino circuit in Reno for way too long, left it when i fell in luv with oregon. I am gonna' be 50 in a few days, most say i don't look it. my heart is much bigger than my ego. lookin' to make some good music, and some dough. call me if u want 775-250-7267 peace
I play in a band with Mark West (the tall guy/guitar and bass player), and directed me to your website...really like your songs!
Wow! what a great voice and musician! Of course the best part is you play Racquetball!
Hey Grace, What a blessing running into you today! Enjoy the flowers, enjoy life! I listened to your cd on the way home today. I am so happy to hear your voice singing to me in the car. Come say hi next timeyou're in TJ's. Camille
Grace, You are an inspiration, and your music is proof! Thanks for sharing... No doubt we will all listen! Stephie Jo
Hey hoe! Looking like a true bitch! Love ya!
Hey Grace just though I would see your website since you put a link to it on your gmail. I didn't know what it was at first so I clicked on it and here I am. Nice website!
I'm proud of you Grace!! Love the new music. I've also been in several bands over the last 8 years. The band I'm in currently is Middle Finger Mob. I am also in a fun cover band called Hollywood 77. Where are you living and do you have a facebook page? Mine is Lenka Danger. (yah, my new stage name...funny hugh?) I'd love to hear from you!
I saw you play the Venice Beach Bar back in late summer of '03. I was on production (shooting a couple of commercials) with a few colleagues and we just couldn't get enough of your Janis Joplin-esque energy and your vocals. I don't work with any of those same folks, but every time I talk to them, your name and music and that evening come up ... thanks!
where are you! you need to check your myspace(s)
if this is helen grace holmes, give me a call or email me. (808)298-3198
Hi Grace. I was visiting my friends in Noti, OR recently and we went to the Saturday market in Eugene where you were playing. I found your music wonderful. It was sweet and sincere and just right for the time and place. That's what a great musician can do. My best regards to you. Rick Ellis Tallahassee, FL
Dear Grace, I haven't seen you in yoga lately and was wondering whats up. Maybe you are just out of town or something. Anyway, I'm sorry I was such an asshole earlier in the year. I've been going through a very tough time but that's no reason to not be nice. I hope everything is okay with you. jj
Namaskar with love !