Grace Holmes

Envision Bono of U2 hanging out with Sarah McLachlan and then Janis Joplin stops in for a visit, this is what Grace Holmes brings to the stage. Explosive, powerful vocals that reach into the depth of the soul with nice hints of softness.  Originally she comes from Santa Cruz, CA and Portland, OR, with some of her youth also spent in Eugene, OR.  She released her widely anticipated new album "By The Grace Of Goddess" on April 11, 2020.  She also released an EP, "Then I See Your Face". The "Then I See Your Face" EP's title track has been featured in a film featuring Academy Award Winner Louis Gossett Jr directed by Varda Hardy, titled "Window." It has been played in festivals all over the world, won various awards, and was featured on a special tv program in the Los Angeles area. That's it for now folks, don't forget to have a beautiful day!